Recruitment means considerable investment in ‘the war of talent’. It is an investment that is not without risk, because recruitment involves working with people. You can, however, minimize the risk.

We undertake senior and middle-management assignments in both the private and the public sectors; and we believe that we consistently deliver ‘value for money’, sound advice and professional services.

Recruiting a new employee or manager with the correct mix of knowledge, experience, insight and personality is no simple matter. Let us to the job for you!

Our professional approach in finding the right person enables a quick return on the costs of recruitment.

PIRAMIDE works ‘à la carte’. Each and every assignment is carried out with the same professional commitment based on the following principles:

  • We focus on assessing and recruiting the best talent with outstanding track records and in line with the needs and objectives of your organization.
  • We provide professional advice on the most suitable recruitment method to fill your vacancy (advertisement, database search, direct and executive search, e-recruitment, mailing…) whereby we orient our approach to the nature of the function and the sector in which you are active.
  • With our many years of experience and expertise we are able to guarantee you an optimum and objective evaluation of the competences needed within your organization, now and in the future
  • Our approach is solution oriented and characterized by anintensive two-way communication, keeping you constantly up to date with the situation and the progress achieved.

We have a vast international network of contacts.

PIRAMIDE is an independent recruitment office, certified by the Ministry of Labour and Employment
VG1372/B – B.AB08.008.

Executive & Direct Search

Finding qualified staff has become more and more complex, and in many cases the simple act of placing an advertisement is no longer sufficient.

A direct approach to well targeted individuals is required.

PIRAMIDE is able to access its resources within an international environment and in the majority of industrial sectors or services.

PIRAMIDE goes deeply into the market and searches actively for potential candidates for your job opening. Each candidate is evaluated intensively in accordance with the criteria agreed upon.
After thorough selection, PIRAMIDE presents you a ‘short list’ of fitting candidates for the job. Each candidate has been subjected to a process of analysis and research regarding his/her capacities.
An assessment of the final candidate can be an extra option.

Each hiring has a contractual guarantee clause.

Time required for searching the most suitable candidate varies depending upon the complexity and technicality of the position to be filled. It can range from 4 weeks to 3 months.

Our many years of international management experience enable us to assess your needs perfectly. PIRAMIDE guarantees a successful conclusion of each search mission.
In order to ensure the best integration of the selected candidate, he/she is followed up by PIRAMIDE throughout the entire warranty period.


Wij werkten met plezier voor volgende bedrijven :


CEO – Winsol, Tractebel Engineering India – Czech Republic & Italy
Managing Director – Plastybeton Italy – Dywidag Systems – Vitamex Ukraine
COO – Verelst Aannemingen
Finance Director – CRH/CA -Plakabeton Group
General Manager – Portal – Isotrie


Investment Manager Europe – CRA/CA
Operations Manager – Winsol
HR Manager – AVA Papierwaren
Commercial Director – Plakabeton, Tractebel Engineering Czech Republic
Commercial Director France – Winsol
Production Manager – Demaco – VTV
Sr Business Develop Manager Middle East -Tractebel Engineering
Business Develop Manager – Tractebel Engineering Romania
Bussiness Units Managers – Tractebel Engineering Italy – Poland – Verelst
Finance & Business Controller – Portal
Lead Engineer – Tractebel Dubai
Power Generation Engineer – Tractebel Dubai



Export Manager – Eddy Merckx Cycles
Account Managers Benelux, France & Germany – Sioen Chemicals
Key Account Manager – Cobelguard
Account Manager – Mobitec – Dywidag Systems
Commercieel-Technisch Adviseurs – Winsol
District Managers – Le Discount – Winsol
Sales Representatives – Isotrie – Verelst Aannemingen (Belgium – NL) – Carnoy
Retail Manager Benelux – Nike
Retail Managers – Le Discount – Portal
Technical & Sales Representative – Duthoo


Designers – McGregor–Gaastra


Business Controllers & Financial Controllers – Plakabeton – CRH/CA
M&A Manager – CRH/CA
Business Controllers – Vitamex – Winsol


Project Manager – Portal – Dywidag Systems
Project Leader – Brakel Aero
Calculators – Carnoy


Payroll & Benefits Coordinator – Plakabeton
Safety, Health & Environment Manager – Plakabeton

This list is indicative. Because of a confidentiality clause, not all clients have been mentioned.